Water Heater Basics



What does the Term Hybrid Really Mean?

A hybrid water heater combines tank type and tankless technology in one unit. A hybrid unit offers the best of both worlds: continuous hot water capabilities through high efficiency and the ability for homeowners to use multiple hot water-utilizing appliances simultaneously. Hybrid units offer optimum performance as they combine the positive attributes of both tank type and tankless water heaters.

Hybrid Water Heaters at a Glance

For many years, consumers only had one option when it came to choosing a water heater, a standard tank type (storage) unit. This unit delivered hot water, but could not provide the promise of endless hot water for extremely high, multi-appliance demand. In recent years, tankless units have been introduced to the market with the promise to deliver continuous hot water, but also have fallen short meeting the demand of multiple appliances running simultaneously. Hybrid water heaters meet the needs of a high usage with multiple appliances and offers continuous hot water.

Hybrid units offer:

Hybrid Technology is the Choice for the Homeowners Who Have:

Is There a Water Heater that has Hybrid Performance Available Today?

Yes. A. O. Smith offers the Vertex, a hybrid water heater that delivers continuous hot water in peak demand situations. The Vertex operates at 90% efficiency and is currently the only “green” option for homeowners.

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